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Can’t wait to garden but need to do a little research before getting started?
Find helpful HOW-TO information, read up on growing tips, soil basics, composting and more!!!!


Gardening Information Guides

Ready to grow a vegetable garden? Preparing a new flower bed? Trying to improve conditions in an existing bed?

Dealing with pests, or poor soil? We are here to help you fine-tune your gardens with a host of garden products and information on when and how to use them. Explore our links here, or bring us a sample of your pest, weed, soil, or plant. Our staff will be happy to offer advice.


Gardening Products

It is essential when beginning any gardening project to start with the right Gardening products. The Stables has provided Long Island with an unmatched variety of quality gardening products – gloves, hoses, sprinklers, landscaping cloth, spreaders, stakes, and much, much more. Let our knowledgeable staff help you choose the products you need so you’ll feel your dollars are well spent and your garden will thrive.


Info Sheets

What is a Perennial
Vegetable Garden planning for beginners
Salt tolerant Plants



Pruning Hydrangeas
Planting shrubs and trees
Planting annuals