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Bower & Branch is a brand of premium trees and plants available only at exclusive brand member retailers.  Stables Gardens Center is a charter member of the Bower & Branch brand and we are your local source for these premium products.  You can find a selection of Bower & Branch trees in our garden center, but we encourage you to shop online where there are hundreds of choices at your fingertips.

Shop from home or come shop from our in store

Bower & Branch Sales Kiosk.

Shop from over 200 varieties and sizes of Trees online – 24/7 or come down to Stables and shop via catalog.

Pick up trees at our store or have us deliver them to your home. Even arrange for planting services online at time of purchase.

Enjoy a lifetime of advice and support from Stables and our partner Bower & Branch

Enjoy your trees with no worry. Unprecedented 3-Year Guarantee!

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Don’t have time to find the right plants or can’t find the ones you like? Special order your nursery trees, shrubs, perennials and edible plants directly from Monrovia’s exclusive catalogue and then have them shipped FREE to us here at Stables Garden Center for pickup. It’s an easy and convenient way to get exactly what you want.

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