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Lawn Care

The Best Lawn in the Neighborhood is NOT an Accident!

We take great pride in our proven lawn establishment, repair, and beautification methods. Here is how we help you get the best lawn on the block:

Our top 3 lawn counselors have a combined 110 years experience and an average of 35+ years each. Our methods have stood the test of time.

There is a lawn to suit every homeowner and every one is different.  We’ll match a lawn plan with your personal needs, location, soil, and expectations.

We’ve seen it all and are ready to diagnose and remedy all your lawn troubles.  Bring us your soil, weed samples, blades of grass, and lawn pics and we’ll start solving.

We stock an impressive selection of lawn-care products and are ready with the knowledge of how to apply these products; from spreader settings to general tips.

Visiting a Stables Lawn Counselor

If you are planning to head down to Stables for lawn counseling, here are a few items that you are welcome to bring with you.


  • Soil Sample(s) – Bring us at least a cup (8 oz) of your lawn or garden soil from an area at least 2-3 inches down from the surface.  Feel free to bring us multiple samples from your different lawn areas. For better pH readings, if your soil is dry, please water before collecting the sample.

  • Grass Samples – Bring us some grass samples including the root if possible. This will help us to identify lawn problems using our magnification equipment.

  • Lawn Photos – Snap a few shots with your phone.  You can print them out or just show us right from your device.

  • Know Your Exposure – For each area of your lawn, take note of sun exposure being mindful of the orientation of surrounding sun-blocking structures, trees, fences, sheds, house, etc.

Sod and Zoysia Grass

From late April through fall, we carry a steady supply of Bluegrass sod and Zoysia grass plugs.  For info on purchasing and installing sod or zoysia, click below.


Since 1953 – Based on three generations of experience we proudly continue our tradition of excellence. The Stables has provided Long Island with sound advice and unmatched variety of quality lawn care products answering your questions, resolving problems, providing for all of your lawn care needs.

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