You Choose and We Plant

Come in and

Check out our Selection

Meet with a Nursery Sales & Design Specialist

We do the planting.

You sit back and relax!

Stop by and explore our selection of the season’s freshest, hand-picked plants and choose the plants you want. There is a minimum installation fee of $150.

Speak with one of our in-store Sales and Design Experts to make sure you have everything you need  for a successful garden project. Then we’ll schedule your Pick & Plant installation!

We show up with the plants you selected and the tools necessary to plant them. You show us where you want them and we’ll have your plants professionally planted in no time.

Planting Fees

Stables Garden center installs trees, shrubs and perennials! We charge 65% the cost of what is being planted (ie: a $100 tree costs $65 to plant). If an item was purchased on sale, the installation price is still half of the regular, non-sale price. Please account for delivery costs when having plants installed by us.

Planting Process

Upon checking out, you will schedule a delivery and install date with one of our customer service team. When you make your purchase, you will receive flags to use as markers. Please insert these into the ground to indicate where the plants are to be placed. If you have purchased multiple plant types, we suggest writing the names of the plants on the flags to ensure our crews properly place the plants should you not be home at the time of planting.  Clearly mark all lines if they are in the planting area.  Are there gas, power, cable, drain, water, sprinkler or invisible fence lines in the area?  If you are unsure about public utility lines, call New York 811 for free marking services.

Sod & Soil Removal

We will remove an area large enough to accomodate the root ball of plant.  Whenever possible we will incorporate existing soil into the landscape, however offsite removal may incur a disposal fee.  

Plant Removal

The planting area needs to be ready to plant in, with the exception of sod removal. Roots, stumps, rocks or debris should be removed before the installation date.  If there are obstacles at the planting site we will charge to remove these obstacles at a rate of $60 per person/per hourSmall shrubs may be removed at the time of planting for a fee: $85 per person/per hour plus $65 for off-site disposal. (One hour minimum charge. Advanced notice of removals is required.) 


Pictures of Our Latest Design & Install


Design &


Consult with an expert horticulturist at home or in store.  We have always provided complimentary design advice in store on a first come first serve basis during business hours.  We encourage you to bring in pictures to help visualize the area you want to work with.  As one could imagine during our busy season it is very difficult to provide every customer with this attention.  We now offer a limited  block of in store and at home consultation  times by appointment Monday-Thursdays. There is a  fee of $60.00 for one hour of in store  consultation.  You can also choose to have an at home consultation for a fee of $100.00 for one hour.  If you choose to purchase any products or services as a result of a consult we will credit you 50% of the fee towards the sale.​


Stables Garden Center offers delivery services to our customers  for plants and merchandise purchased from us. You may schedule a delivery Monday–Friday from 10am–5pm, requesting a morning or afternoon delivery.

Local delivery - $60.00

Ferry delivery - $65.00(no weekend deliveries)




Do you have a certain color combination you want for your hanging basket?


Do you need three planters that match?


Want to get your own planters potted up in your own colors without all the mess?


Do you want a container to WOW your friends but don’t have the time to create it?


We can help!


Bring your own container or buy one of ours. Tell us what colors or kinds of plants you want, and we will create a one-of-a-kind container for you. Pay for the plants, soil and $15.00 per container for our time.


Soil ph Testing & Lawn Counseling

We will test your soil ph for free.  Just bring us at least a cup (8 oz) of your lawn or garden soil from an area at least 2-3 inches down from the surface.  Feel free to bring us multiple samples from your different lawn areas. For better pH readings, if your soil is dry, please water before collecting the sample.

If you are planning to head down to Stables for lawn counseling, here are a few items that you are welcome to bring with you.


  • Soil Sample(s) – Bring us at least a cup (8 oz) of your lawn or garden soil from an area at least 2-3 inches down from the surface.  Feel free to bring us multiple samples from your different lawn areas. For better pH readings, if your soil is dry, please water before collecting the sample.

  • Grass Samples – Bring us some grass samples including the root if possible. This will help us to identify lawn problems using our magnification equipment.

  • Lawn Photos – Snap a few shots with your phone.  You can print them out or just show us right from your device.

  • Know Your Exposure – For each area of your lawn, take note of sun exposure being mindful of the orientation of surrounding sun-blocking structures, trees, fences, sheds, house, etc.

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